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Managing Director of HR Solutions at Randstad

Inge's Story

Managing Director of HR Solutions at Randstad NL

We should not look at refugee employment by focusing on the gap between the needs of employers and the needs of refugees. We should be focusing on possibilities and opportunities instead.

Randstad is a Dutch employment agency. In 2015, we launched a pilot project which provided tailored support to 95 refugees. We learned about refugees as job seekers, and the struggles that they face to enter the labour market. The project also helped us to focus more on employers in the Netherlands, and to adequately prepare them so that they could recruit staff with refugee backgrounds. Many employers were initially hesitant to engage with refugees. Through coaching and by information exchange, we now see that employers are familiar with refugees, and want to give them a chance.

"It proved to be easier for those with a low level of education to secure a work placement."

We discovered that securing employment was a different experience for refugees with a high level of education than those with a low level of education. It proved to be easier for those with a low level of education to secure a work placement because the recruitment procedures have fewer requirements in terms of education or language skills. Employers were satisfied with employing refugees based on motivation and whether they were able to speak conversational English or Dutch. For those with a high level of education, it took more time to find employment as the criteria and procedures - such as diploma validation - are generally much more demanding.

Finding the right job requires coaching - for the refugee as well as the employer. The main reasons are language and culture. It is much more difficult to find work if you cannot speak Dutch and cannot overcome the cultural barriers.

It is our job to make the matching and recruitment process easier. Ultimately, it comes down to convincing employers to take a chance, to invest in an individual, and to make an assessment based on the individual’s performance. The most important thing for employers is to take a first step.

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